Delivering Streamline Operation in Process & Technology

Delivering Streamline Operation in Process & Technology

Delivering Streamline Operation in Process & TechnologyDelivering Streamline Operation in Process & Technology

About Us


Nelson Legacy Enterprises International, LLC

Nelson Legacy Enterprises International exists in both the United States, Africa focusing on operational planning and due diligence evaluation making recommendations to streamline process and technology. 

For 20 years NLEI has been driving operational excellence through project management, operations management, technology and continuous improvement. 

NLEI vision for the next 5 years is to expand it's business beyond Nigeria and move across Africa to include countries: Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Egypt, and Rwanda. 

NLEI serves both U.S based businesses and international corporate brands to improve product and service quality, boost productivity, bolster innovation through technology and high performance teams. 

about me


Stephanie B. Nelson, Founder & CEO

 With more than 20 years in the information technology industry as both practitioner and strategist, Stephanie has helped drive small business and enterprise to increase operation efficiency through "make sense" technology. 

Having helped more than 50 small businesses and 5 major corporations to reduce operation inefficiencies, increase data transparency, and create change ready culture, Stephanie helps create competitive investment portfolios . 

Over her career she created a 3 phase solution (the secret sauce) to enable organizations to move through integration and change seamlessly. 

A few of her clients have coined her the "business integration whisperer" her ingenuity yielded opportunities to work with some of the top banks, tech companies, government and healthcare companies in the U.S. 

As an author, speaker, business coach, and entrepreneur she has recently been afforded the opportunity to open her first international office in Nigeria which will serve the continent of Africa.

Her favorite pass time is relaxing with family telling the stories of her parents, and enjoying her siblings, nieces and nephews and her amazing son.

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